Are the QuickFile servers having problems today?


I am trying to use quickfile and it keeps crashing are you having problems?


Hi @Jago

There are no issues that we are aware of. When you say ‘crashing’, what do you mean? Are you seeing error messages?

I did get a message saying there is a gateway error.

Everything is taking ages to load and it keeps freezing.

All other web pages on my computer are fine.

Are you seeing this error message on any pages in particular?

I’ve just tried loading a few pages, and all seems to load and display fine for me. If you could let me know any particular pages, I’ll have a look for you

I noticed the same kind of lag about 20 minutes ago but it seems to have cleared up now.

Yes, there were some connectivity issues between 13:40 and 14:00. It seems due to heavy load but we are investigating further. Everything appears to be running fine for the last 30 mins.

All is now OK with my account