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Assets and liabilities


Seems I still need to learn how to record stuff in this system

so at the moment I look at me assets and liabilities and it seems cash is showing a liability (red) and depreciation etc showing as an asset (green) surely it should be the other way round

how do I rectify this


if you are doing journals then possibly your debit and credit are other way round


so if I adjust the journals to the opposite then it should work out


if I do that then it shows as a credit in the admin expenses?


lets see your journals screen shot




couldn’t do a screen shot but see if the link works


no link wont work as it needs sign in


example of my journal

nominal code description debit credit

0051 vehicle depreciation +4181

8003 depreciation ( 4181)


so basically I need to know whether the codes I am using are right and whether it should be a credit or debit

im so confused


Depreciation code in P&L will be dibit and in Balance sheet CR


thanks that may help me