Hi, I have VAT liability showing on balance sheet as current asset, alongside sales tax control account under currently liabilites, neither have been processed through QF but have been paid and tagged through banking, please advise correct journal nominal entry to clear. Also paye and NI showing, thank you

So you’ve tagged the VAT payment to HMRC, but you haven’t saved the VAT return itself in QuickFile - how did you submit the return, have you recently switched to QuickFile from something else?

For the second item, what exactly do you mean by “paye and NI showing”? If it’s the same situation where you’ve tagged the payment but not made the payroll journal then I’m surprised they’re showing as separate asset entries - when you tag “tax payment to HMRC -> PAYE liability” then that just goes on the one nominal called PAYE (which is correct - the term “PAYE” covers everything you pay to HMRC under pay-as-you-earn, not just income tax but also class 1 NI, student loans, etc. The separate National Insurance liability nominal is for other types of NI like class 1A that aren’t part of the PAYE system).

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