Assigning an old purchase to an exisiting payment

I have a purchase that has already been paid in a payment recorded in quickfile but hasn’t been linked to that payment.

If I got to the purchase and choose the pay it, it gives me the option to pay it from the exisiting credit, which I want to do, but it then assigns it across severa payments rather than letting me pick the payment I want it assinged to.

Is there a way I can get it linked to a specific payment, the same way I can when I’m linking payments & purchaes when I reconside the bank statement.

Hi @miket

If the purchase invoice is marked as paid from credit, it pays uses the First In First Out (FIFO) basis, so it will always start at the oldest credit on the supplier and work forward to the present.

There isn’t a way to change this unfortunately.

However, if the purchase is already on the system when the payment is recorded, you can use the bank tagging method and select the “Pay down multiple invoices” option which would allow you to select what invoices the payment is made against.

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