Assigning transactions to a supplier / customer

Hi All

New here, before I spent hours on this! I just wanted to make sure that I can upload a bank statement and then assign the in’s and out’s to supplier or customer.

Many thanks, Katie

Hi @velvetbirdcage

Yes, that’s certainly possible. What you would typically do however is match the amounts to an invoice rather than the client/supplier themselves.

If you do it directly to the client/supplier, the funds will be held on account (like a prepayment).

Hope that helps!

thank you. so create customer and supplier records and then match?

If your bank supplies downloadable statements in CSV format you can upload these to QF as part of the basic subscription. (NB some “challenger” banks don’t provide these).

For a small additional subscription you can have an automatic feed from the bank to QF. These typlically update overnight.

I have used both methods and found the automatic feed worth the money.

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