Attach document to letter

Often a document needs to be attached to a letter ie terms and conditions or a PDF or jpg.
It is not very professional to have to send it as a separate email.
Please consider this as a new feature.

The usual way to do this is to include the link to the document in the letter, either hosted in the document manager at QuickFile or on your own server somewhere. There’s a quite a few threads on this for pointers on how to achieve it.

Thanks Stuart.

I have fathomed out how to get the link from the document manager in QuickFile.

This does solve my problem, but it would be much easier and intuitive if, like an invoice or estimate can be attached to a letter, a document could be as well.

Perhaps some other users would support this as a new helpful development.

As with all feature requests, we’ll leave this open for others to comment or add their approval.

Hello, I agree that this would be a really good feature to add.

Hi @Lindsey_White

If you would like to see this under consideration, you can add your vote to the feature request.

I forsee a problem with having attached documents if the letter is to be sent by “snail mail” as I do not think such attachments could be included by the mailing fulfilment company.