Attach PDF - Option for creating new client

When you create a new estimate, and click “create a new client” if its the first estimate for somebody, there is no option here at all related to PDF invoices.

So the process is really cumbersome in that you have to finish the estimate, then go to “Client list”, change the “Allow PDF Attachments” option to true, go back to the estimate, add a primary contact and again check another box to “attach PDF to this email”.

Surely i’m missing something here? I just want to attach PDF estimates/invoices to all my outgoing mail


Hi @shaun.g

We encourage users to email a link to the invoice rather than attaching PDFs for several reasons (namely to record when someone views it). So by default, sending an invoice as a PDF attachment is optional.

However, we’re happy to convert this thread to a feature request if you wish, and if there is enough interest from the community we’re happy to look into this further.

I would also like to be able to make it a default for the account. Maybe you could have the default as not to attach the PDF as long as it is possible to change the default to send a PDF for each invoice rather than having to specify the option for each client.

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