Attaching multiple receipts to a single purchase/payment


The company has a bank account with Revolut (which is linked to Quickfile), but has to make certain payments through Wise (formerly Transferwise). In order to minimise the commissions, it makes a single payment from its Revolut account to its Wise account each month for all of its suppliers that are to be paid from Wise. So, if there are three suppliers invoicing for $3k each, a single payment of $9k is made. On the Revolut bank account this looks like a single transfer to the Wise account of the company. Can you please let me know how I can create an appropriate single purchase order and attach the 3 receipts?


You don’t. You need a merchant type bank account in QuickFile to represent Wise, the $9k is a bank transfer from Revolut to the Wise holding account, and then you create one $3k purchase for each supplier and mark all those paid from the Wise account (not the Revolut one) to balance it back to zero.

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