Attachments on recurring invoices

I’m just starting to get to grips with QF and it looks very promising, but is it possible to add an attachment to a recurring invoice? - I can do it with a manual invoice but it drops the attachment when I recur it


Hi @Scooby_7

This isn’t supported at the moment. However, I’ve moved your post into the #feature category so other users can vote and add their interest in this.

You could just upload the document somewhere and enter a link to it on the invoice.

That’s a good idea except for what I need it must be sent everything a demand for payment is sent. It’s safer to just send it as a bulk email although it’s possible that the premium version may allow me to attach it as T&C’s…not tried it yet

You can do it with the free version, you just add a link to the relevant section.

You can also customise the email templates per customer so you could attach the link to each email they get sent. Is this for some sort of Ts&Cs?

It’s actually when you send a service charge demand to people who own flats, you must send them a copy of their rights (seeing where the money is spent, how to appeal if they think it’s too high etc) so not exactly T&C’s but similar

In that case I think I’d just upload it somewhere and add a link to the invoices. Saves the extra (albeit small) overhead of sending PDFs and also saves the storage at the clients end.