Attribute Purchases to Invoices

I’m new using quickfile and just finding my way around. Currently I use spreadsheets and I always put the invoice number that the purchase is attributed to.

I purchase parts in order to repair computers, I need them to be linked to be able to easily tell where a part has come from if for example it fails under warranty.

I can then get the part sent back to the appropriate supplier. At the moment I see no way of actually linking purchases to invoices or am I missing something? All i can link is payments.

There are Supplier Reference and Purchase references on purchase and sales invoices, are those fields not helpful?

They are, but I expected the option to tag from a list or similar, just like payments.

Like an inventory system, where you can maintain a list of commonly sourced parts and attach to the purchase invoice? This is unfortunately not supported on the purchase side, we may develop a stock control system in the future to accommodate this although it’s not something on our current development plan.

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