Audiobook Subscriptions

Hi Guys, I currently use audible to buy books to listen to in the car, these are mainly business related books i.e. Social Media Marketing however I have also purchased a book for personal use under the same account.

Originally this was a personal account, i.e i was using it to buy business related books prior to starting my business, this was never charged as a business expense. However, amazon in all of its wit does not allow different payment methods for different services (AWS, Amazon, Audible) so when i updated my payment details for my AWS account (Online storage) it then automatically billed my company for the audible subscription.

I;m not sure what to do, if i have only purchased a business related book during the current month can this be classed as a business expense, if so what category/code could it be charged under?

Thank you in advance for you advice.

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I am not an accountant but I would put them to 7505 Books, magazines etc.

If I need to mix business and personal expenditure in that way I always pay from my personal account and claim the business side as expenses.