Audit Reports

This will be first audit to be undertaken using QuickFile. I have been searching for a report that will list all transactions posted to each nominal account in a single report. Reports > Chart of Accounts provides a list of accounts and all transactions within each. These can be exported but only by selecting each account individually. Tthis is time consuming and and requires a separate report for each nominal account. Please!, Is there a single report that will list each account with the transactions listed for each or an alternative?
Thank you.


The easiest option is to do an account backup, which emails you a zip file full of CSVs, one of which (I believe - I’m not in a position to check now) is the full nominal ledger.

You can also export the Chart of Accounts as a whole, by using the “Export Data” option at the top of the Chart of Accounts page.

This gives you a few options and compiles the data into one report - e.g. an overview, or individual entries.

Thank you for this Ian. I have taken Mathew’s route. This does provide the necessary information.

Thank you Mathew. This does provide the information that I expect will be accepable to an auditor. It has required some work on the spreadsheet to make it presentable. It would be very useful to have a report that listed each nominal account with the journal detail and totals for each but given that QuickFile is offered free and with many good features I am not in a position to moan.

Thank you for your response.