Audit Trail

I need to product an audit trail and all transactions on Purchase and Sales Ledger (in a Day book format)Please advise where I can find this.

Hi @mveng,

When you say Day Book format, what would you need to see on the report?

I would need to see a list of all transactions posted on the sales and purchase ledgers in a given time ie monthly. Invoices, Credits, Payments and vat elements of transactions.


Hi @mveng

By transactions, I’m assuming you’re looking for the nominal entries rather than the invoices themselves? If so, you can export all entries within a nominal and date range, but the VAT is listed separately in the assets/liabilities section.

However, if you are looking for the invoices themselves, you can do an advanced search on these from the sales/purchases list. In the top right corner, you can enable the VAT column for each entry too.

I hope this helps.

Thank you I will try this.

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