Auto Bank feeds

Are there any other banks besides Barclay’s & PayPal that allow Auto Bank feeds?

Thank You very much,


As much as we would all love this to be possible, unfortunately not.

Banks (apart from Barclays - hats off to them) don’t seem to want to allow automated feeds to anyone. But, there is a Google Chrome extension that can help with bank data. Have you tried that?

It would be very easy for banks to open up a read-only data feed, like PayPal have done. But many UK banks simply aren’t interested and until they start losing customers as a result of their inaction, I doubt they will be interested anytime soon.

As @Parker1090 mentioned the Chrome Plugin, although not fully automated gives you a simple way to stream your bank statement data to Quick File at the push of a button (while logged into your online banking). It bypasses the need to download and upload the CSV file.

The Chrome plugin supports Barclays, HSBC, Natwest, RBS, Lloyds and Santander.