Auto import invoices

Our account is linked to one of our customers so invoices can be sent directly to their QuickFile account. When I enter an invoice, they can see the details on a purchase receipt, rather than an invoice. This shows a QF purchase number in their numbering system rather than our invoice number, and our invoice footer, etc.

That is correct…when you send an invoice to a linked account, the receiver will see this as a purchase invoice (not a sales invoice). Purchase invoices are enumerated with QF numbers. It’s the same as if you log a purchase for a payment made to one of your suppliers, you wouldn’t necessarily log their invoice number, as long as the headline figures are correct, from a bookkeeping perspective that’s what’s important.

It may also be worth checking if your invoice number appears in the purchase ref box for their invoice. I’m pretty certain Quick File does this Automatically.

We do in the future plan to attach a PDF version of the original sales invoice to the mapped purchase.

Thanks. This isn’t a major issue, but we like people to quote their invoice number when making payments, and would want them to see our sales invoice footer which contains legal details and payment methods. Therefore, it would be good if this showed up on their account. The PDF version you mentioned may solve this in the future.

You could achieve all this by just unlinking the account, that way when you send an invoice they view it in the standard client control panel. Linking accounts on the other hand removes a step for the client, as they don’t need to key in all the invoice details manually into their accounts system.

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