Auto purchases from uploaded receipts

when getting a receipt coming in manually can it not automatically generate a purchase that requires confirming so that it can be auto matched with my bank statement?

maybe i am doing something wrong or not understanding the flow but on my account i have just imported a bank statement for today that shows 852.48 payment out of the bank account and in receipt bank i have a receipt for just that amount, but it can’t be “seen” till i input a purchase amount to the system and then when i do i need to create a purchase record before it can be matched. Seems long winded? If i have forwarded the receipt it definitely is a purchase and i appreciate needs to be categorised too but we can do that at a later point and it would be useful to have the ability to do so. I presume the complexity would be in parsing the receipt to work out what the actual number total is?

Am i making much sense? :slight_smile:

This is actually very difficult to do with even moderate accuracy. Receipts never follow a standardised form, there are many numbers on a receipt and no software can really know for sure which one is the gross, net or vat amount. The way other companies do this is not through OCR but by hiring low cost labour usually in Asia to key in the data manually.