Auto-save invoice function

I’ve done a search on the forum and haven’t found anything relevant yet, so here goes…

Is there an autosave or autorecover function in Quickfile and, if so, how do I access it? I spent a considerable amount of time setting up a new invoice for one of our clients early this afternoon and was then called away to attend to another more urgent matter. I didn’t press the save button before stepping away from my desk, but the invoice was still on screen when I returned a couple of hours later.

(Thankfully) I was able to print the screen, I then pressed the save button - all well and good - however when I pressed the preview and send button, it took me back to the log-in screen (grrr). When I logged in, I found that the invoice hadn’t saved (double grr), and I will now have to enter the 11 line items (which were quite detailed as per client instructions) again :frowning:

If it isn’t already there, could you please consider installing either an autosave or autorecover function to prevent this from happening again - I can’t be the only one who has been caught out like this!

Many thanks

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Currently (as you have discovered) there is no auto-save function for invoices. I have converted this thread to a feature request and modified the title slightly. I don’t think this feature has come up before on the forum but it’s certainly a sensible request. If other users add their vote we’ll certainly consider this addition.

Can we have an auto save when we are writing quotes and invoices. I have been working on a very large quote for the pass few hours and accidental pressed the close key on my browser and lost everything!!!

I am now going to have to start again. NOT HAPPY!!!

Hi @upgradeproperty

I’ve merged your post with this existing thread to keep track of the interest of this feature a easily.

As with all feature requests, we’re happy to look into them further if there’s enough interest from the community.