Auto-save invoices

Having just spent a couple of hours completing a new estimate, presumably I had been timed out of the account as when
I clicked the preview button I was presented with the login page. After logging in my estimate had been wiped. Is there a way that this can be 1. retrieved and 2. prevented from happening in the future, perhaps an autosave feature or warning before time out?
Many thanks for any advice.

The session is quite long (1 hour I believe) so it would need to be inactive for that period to log you out. Generally if this happens you should be able to use the back button to return to the page with the text preserved.

We can certainly consider an auto-save feature, I don’t think it would be too difficult to implement. I’ve updated your post title and retagged as a “feature request”. We’ll try to get this looked at, but unfortunately I can’t say exactly when this will be.

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