Auto tag creating duplicate entries for bank transfers

Hi, I set up an auto tag for payments between 2 bank accounts. When I uploaded the bank statement for the second account, it created duplicate entries for the same transactions in the first account.
How can I quickly find these duplicate entries to remove them and how can I avoid this happening in the future?

Hi @esuk

Are the duplicates tagged (e.g. by the auto tagging) or have you left them untagged?

It is possible to undo an import, by going to More Options >> View Recent Batch Uploads. If the transactions are untagged, you can reverse it here.

With a bank transfer, automatically tagging them will create a matching transaction for you, which leaves you with a few options:

  • Upload one statement and let auto-tagging tag them for you
  • Upload one statement and turn off auto-tagging so you have to confirm the tag rules first
  • Upload two statements and manually tag them (providing the dates are the same on both accounts, it will prompt you to link them)

Account 1 has some untagged transfers from Account 2.
I uploaded Account 2 and the transfers were auto tagged following the rule I created.
This created duplicate entries in Account 1 for the same dates and amounts.

I hope this makes it clearer.

I guess my best option now is to delete this rule and manually remove the duplicates and retag them so it links. Is that correct?

If they are already tagged, you wouldn’t be able to undo the import using the tool I mentioned above. However, what you could do is use the criteria your tagging rule uses to locate them, and bulk delete them. It’s a bit more manual (and you have to be careful not to undo anything that’s genuine), but manually would be the way to go in this instance.

Providing the dates match on both accounts, then that should work. If the dates are different then it won’t prompt you to link them.

I made some recommendations for you going forward in my post above - hopefully these will help.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Just one thing: If I turn off auto tag and let it prompt me for confirmation, would it pick up in matching transactions and let me match them?

Unfortunately it wouldn’t. Disabling auto tag will change it to for you to confirm before it does anything, but it wouldn’t search for existing transactions to link them.

For example, I’ve just set one up on a test account, which now shows this (matching the text “Transfer test”)

Clicking “Confirm” shows this:


And it’s it done - it completes the tag, and creates a duplicate transaction.

Manually tagging it, or clicking “Manually Tag” in the screenshot above, would take you through the normal steps of tagging. In my case, it will find the matching transaction and ask me to link them:


Thank you again for your detailed reply. Looking through the forum, it seems like this is a recurrent issue so it may be an idea to develop a system where bulk duplicate transactions can be recognised and offered on screen to be verified by the user before confirming.

Can you also advise if it is possible to have different rules for different bank accounts using the same criteria?
For e.g. entries containing “petrol” in account 1 can be auto tagged differently to similar entries in account 2.

You can turn off the auto-tagging which would be the right thing to do in this instance. This would allow you to check things before they are imported and tagged. But as a result of some of the issues, we did introduce the bulk import review tool, which would allow you to undo an import (providing they’re not tagged). So you’ll be pleased to know, we are listening :slight_smile:

The rules can’t be account specific at the moment, but we can certainly consider this as future development - you’re more than welcome to start a new thread in the Feature Request category if you wish, and we’ll keep an eye on the interest from there.

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