Automated Workflow


I’ve just signed up and this look great I just have one question.

I’m a wedding and event florist so want to free up some time doing admin

  1. Can I set up an automated workflow?
    Example - send out a quote/invoice then schedule emails to go out at strategic dates?

So I would send a quote and they except and pay a deposit, I would like to send out an email that’s pre written along the lines of cant wait to work together etc…

Then 6 months before the wedding date -
Email saying not long to go etc. just keeping in touch.

3 months before the wedding date -
Email saying dont forget to book a final consultation etc.

Week of the wedding -
So excited etc. Please checkover everything again and make sure the following is all correct.

Or along these sort of lines for the emails. Can this be done once they have booked so the emails automatically get sent or do I need to manually send each email when I want them to go out?

I cant work out how to do this.


Sounds like you need something like mail chimp or a decent email client that let’s you send emails on a future date.

Not really something a bookkeeping software would be geared to.

Okay, I want something that’s all as one so may need to look at another company that offers it all.

Not sure there are any, but if you find one let us know.

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