Automatic Bank Feed Not Working

My automatic bank feed has stopped working (several weeks ago)
Posted on here 30 November and post removed to be dealt with as a private message

Still heard nothing

Can anyone help please ?

Hi @lstevens,

A message was sent to you by one of my colleagues asking for more information (your account number etc) so that we could look into this for you. If you click your avatar in the top right hand corner you should be able to see your private messages (envelope).


I am not really sure what you want me to do …

I can’t see an avatar as such
Just an envelope - all this shows is your email and the original reply from Sian asking for my account number
I did reply to this request but here is account number again [ removed ]

Thanks and apologies for being thick!

Hi @lstevens,

Let me take a look at your account, we never received a reply to Siâns message, it may be worth trying to send a message on that thread again as it would be easier to discuss in private

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