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I have started another company and trying to set up a bank feed from a third account to a third company. I have paid the £15 to use this service and when i try to set it up this new account is no there to chose. After spending over a hour on the telephone to Barclays on Friday they said in the end that the problem is with QuickFile and not the Bank. Are they fobbing me off because they dont know what to do of may this be the case. (it will let me connect to any of my other accounts.

Hi @Gillott123,

What type of account is the one you are trying to connect?

Hi Beth

it is a Barclays Business Account, exactly the same as my other two accounts for my other two businesses.

Hi @Gillott123,

Thank you for confirming, when you make the Open Banking link do just the two accounts appear rather than the three that you expect? Or do they all have separate log ins?

The other bank account appear on a list that i can choose from but the one i want to link does not show.

If it is not showing on the list then that would suggest that it is a slightly different type of account that perhaps hasn’t got permission for Open Banking. This would be something you’d have to sort with the bank themselves as we can only link QuickFile to those in the list.

Thanks Beth, where can i see a list of the types of accounts you can connect too.

There is no list as such, but it’s mainly current accounts, some of the savings accounts aren’t supported.

When you go to make the Open Banking link with the bank you should be faced with a list of accounts to allow access to. These accounts are the ones available for Open Banking, if you have other accounts with the bank that aren’t showing in this list then it would suggest those accounts haven’t got the Open Banking capabilities allowed.

Hi Beth

Cheers for your help. I am going to contact the bank and check that it is exactly the same type of account as my other two, and if this is the case there should be no reason for this problem and therefore the issue is at their end for them to sort out.

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