Automatic Customer Account Number

I am a very new user to Quickfile…I really like the look of it so far.

Can I ask…when I set up a new customer can the software automatically place a new account number for that customer or would I have to place one in manually. I am a new business so starting from scratch and was hoping automatic numbering system placed. Would this also be true for Invoice, Purchase orders and credit notes etc.

Many thanks for your consideration & support


Hi Kevin

Welcome to QuickFile.

Invoices, Estimates and Purchase Invoices can be numbered correctly, and would follow your standard. E.g. mine are 0000 (increased by 1 each time), but it would also work with IN0000.

In terms of account numbers, it’s not as straight forward as many businesses use a variety of formats - some use the first 5 letters of the business name for example with a number on the end. Some use a straight forward number. So you would have to allocate this yourself. However, it will pick up a duplicate and warn you about this.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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many thanks for the reply. ill put it into practice.


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