Automatic invoice numbering adding a leading zero

My invoices are numbered “ITH0001x” and up until this month were automatically indenting the numbering. Now I notice that each new invocie adds a “0” at the start of the invoice so it becomes "0ITH0001x).

How can I stop the leading zero being added?

Our automatic number incrementation will only work with trailing numbers. As you’re using letters at the end this will cause the system to try and prefix a number at the front. You will need to use a numbering format that ends in numbers e.g. A00001, A00002 etc.

Hi Glen

Top class support as always - thank you!

I didn’t explain clearly - The x represents a number so my invoicing is

ITH012345…ITH012346…ITH012347 etc

Its been fine up till now and suddenly a “0” appears at the start. and the middle “0” is dropped so:

0ITH12345…0ITH12346…0ITH12347 etc

I manually amend each new invoice so the zero is moved but wonder if it it can revert back to how it was.

Hope this makes sense.


Oh I see, sorry! I will need to refer this tomorrow, it should be something we can sort out for you.

Carl, we’ve replicated the problem and are now working on a fix. Would you like us to go back and correct any of those number prefixed with a zero?

The numbering going forward is now fixed. Just let me know if you want me to correct those other numbers prefixed with zero.

Hi Glenn

Thats awesome and yes pease correct any existing ones.


All done, I corrected 5 invoice numbers for you.

Outstanding attention to detail. I am a cloud services consultant and Quickfile is on the top of my list to recommend to clients :slight_smile:

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