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Automatically link a category on the invoice to a specific client


some of our clients need to be linked to a specific category on the invoice ,can we do this automatically


Hi @Joy

This option isn’t available with clients unfortunately, only suppliers. We can certainly consider adding this though (and happy to move this to the #feature category if you wish).

One thing you may wish to consider perhaps is using the sales inventory, where you can specify the nominal code, description, unit price and VAT (if applicable).


thanks it would be a great feature if we could add it , will look at sales inventory I want tom be able to link each client to one of those if I can how do I get there


have gone into sales inventory and linked the client to a nominal code but it doesnt show on the invoice automatically unfortunately it still shows as general sales


With the inventory, you create an item. You would then add a line on the invoice with the same name (as you type it, it will search for it and show you the results). It’s not exactly what you ask for, but potentially a workaround for the moment.


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