Availability of full test environment

Is there any option for a having a duplicate copy a live environment for testing. To avoid data corruption during testing of invoice and customer synchronisations it would be useful to have a full test environment

Personally, I just set up a second account which is full of dummy data. Have you got a second email address you could use?

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I can use a second account but it would be great to be able to replicate live data into it since I am working through a process of matching existing Quickfile data to an existing CRM and need to validate the searching and matching

Hi @Jonathan_Richardson from a technical perspective it’s very difficult for us to clone account data from one QF account to another. Without going too much into the technical details it’s largely down to the relationship between the individual records and the requirement to rehash all the IDs if an account were to be cloned. Also any such bulk data operations carry significant performance penalties as large tables need to be re-indexed and this will badly degrade performance for all users.