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Avoiding sales invoice

I have a client who raises sales invoices for labour done by himself via QF which are emailed to his customers. Separate to this, he has say 2 shop a sales per week which are paid into his business bank. He does not raise sales invoices for these. If I create a sales invoice to keep the books straight, it messes up his invoicing system as he keeps a diary and lists the invoices in number order from ones he has created. How can I enter the shop sales without raising an invoice in QF but account for VAT? Last qtr, I entered as sales in the bank and manually adjusted the VAT return.

You can’t unless you keep doing it the way you did

Why not just assign your own seperate invoice numbers to those sales? It really doesn’t matter so long as your not using the same numbers as his other invoices. Will make life easier

Thank you Paul…I will ponder on this one and chat to the client.

The rules for VAT invoice numbering are that the invoice numbers must come from “one or more” sequential series. There’s nothing wrong with having one lot of invoices numbered 1, 2, 3 and another lot numbered SHOP001, SHOP002, etc. as long as it’s obvious at a glance if there’s a number missing from either sequence.

Just bear in mind that if you use one account to raise both invoices every time you change the invoice number the next auto generated one will use this to auto generate a new number. Sounds like you’re just making work for both of you trying to make Quickfile work like your old system does, this just ends up with loads of kludges and workarounds that are hard to track.

Hi Everyone, many thanks for your input. I have decided to just log the shop sales (which are very infrequent these days) as a banking to shop sales nominal and then manually adjust the VAT Return each quarter to account for the output tax due. I agree with Lurch in that it will mess up the numbering system that the client uses when creating estimates and then converting to sales.

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