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Back transactions how to do bookkeeping

I have got below two transactions need help please.

  1. For year 2019 annual accounts, my accountant do it in the next year 2020.
    if there is profit and director can draw some dividend, the actual dividend withdrawal will be in 2020 for the year 2019 accounts, say if i draw 1k dividend in 2020 but its actually 2019’s dividend, how do i explain it /tag it on business bank statement? do i need to creat this 1k at director loans account as opening balance of 2020?

  2. I bought a work mobile back in 2019 using my own money but forgot to reclaim the money from business in that year, how do i take money from business this year and bookkeeping ? and how about VAT return?


Hi @codole

These are probably best answered by your accountant to ensure they are accounted for correctly.

If they can explain how they should be recorded, we should be able to advise on how to record it in QuickFile.

Sorry that’s not quite the answer you were looking for.

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