Backdating recurring purchases

I want to set up a recurring purchase for a subscription I have. I have had this subscription for a long time now but have not entered it as a purchase yet. When I try to setup as a recurring purchase it won’t let me set the start date any earlier than today. Is there any way around this? It would save me a lot of work if this was possible.

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We don’t support the back dating and creation of recurring invoices. You could however log them using the multi-invoice screen here. I believe you can submit 50 at a time here.

What I normally do is just create it for the next recurring date. So if it’s on the 8th of every month, just create it for 8th February so it would start there

Hi Glenn,

thanks for your help. That is great for invoices but can you activate the same system for purchases?


Yes it works for both sales and purchase invoices, you will find it in the respective client or supplier detail screen under the create menu.

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