Backdating VAT Journals

Hi, I’ve started using quick file very recently, and have just completed loading my full year of sales, purchases, payments etc. I filed my most recent VAT return using the system for Q4 and it all worked great and reconcile to the penny.
All of my previous VAT Returns have been directly with HMRC separately, but I need to show the transactions here as I’m on flat rate VAT and need to reconcile to the year end accounting.
I entered journal entries to show the VAT and Flat Rate Adjustments for Q1, Q2, Q3 (all of the returns filed separately) except the most recent one as Quickfile created it for me when I completed the return, On the TAX Summary report it is calculating sales VAT for each period mirroring the amounts charged and paid, except for the period where Quickfile created the journal (Q4) - that is showing as a negative value for the period, despite all the sales balances reconciling, the bank reconciling and the VAT return reconciling. I’m unsure why this looks different for this period only, whereas the others look okay. I didn’t put in a journal entry for this quarter as the system created the journal for me when I used it for the last VAT Return. Not sure I’m explaining this correctly, but it doesn’t look right and I wondered if anyone could help me with how I can correct it. My VAT for Q4 (charged VAT) was £4836.56 but the summary report under TAX Reports shows as £-14873.25 and I can’t work out why. All the other periods look fine and reconcile. Any help appreciated!

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Are you on Accrual or Cash accounting for VAT?

The VAT report in the Tax Summary reports on an accrual basis rather than cash, so it will likely differ to your VAT return figures which will report on cash paid/received.

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