Backup does not give address details

I downloaded my invoice back up. Customer address part is missing.
Could you please advise how could we add that missing part?
We need them to able to make invoice in bulk.

Backup has been downloaded from this link.

Thanks in advance

Hi @fayel

As part of the backup, you should see a file called Client_Ledger.csv. This file will contain the client’s address.

Hi @QFMathew
I checked that file but almost all customer addresses missing. I want to get Cvs file in one place because the reason is that I need to convert them pdf invoices. We need to upload around 4000 invoices to amazon. system allows 50 invoices in bulk maximum and it takes 10 mins. Therefore, It’s really impossible to finish.
Thank you for your help

Hi @fayet

Are the addresses definitely saved on QuickFile? I’ve run a test on a test account, and the file has generated as expected.

When were the addresses added to the clients on QuickFile?

Hi @QFMathew Actually, I was using “PRIMARY CONTACT FIRST NAME” column to get addresses from amazon CVS file to import quickfile and I saw clients address showed there. How can I get them all together?
I just need customer addresses in Sales Invoice CVS file

Thank you

I’m not sure I follow I’m sorry? Are you importing an Amazon CSV into QuickFile, or a QuickFile CSV into Amazon?

I did upload amazon CVS file into Quickfile database. I have added manuel invoices as well.
I just need to download my Quickfile data base as cvs with customer address detail.
I will use them to create invoices at the same time.
Thank you

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