Backup function not sending email

Hi. I have set my backup up settings to weekly, and requested a copy of the backup is emailed to me. This setting has been in place for approx six months, but I have never received any emails.Never.

My dashboard status shows recent events; one of which is a weekly statement:

  A backup of your account was created and emailed to

However, the last status shown was in March. I have not used the software in a few months because of the lack of backup facility and/or it just not working for me.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to getting round to sorting this out and getting back to using QuickFile. (And yes, I have double-checked that the email address is correct).

Thanks, Kat

The most likely issue is that the email is being marked as spam on your server. Have you checked spam/trash/junk/deleted folders? I have had several backups emailed to me recently and I think if there was a wider issue it would have been reported by other users by now.

If you are not using the software then I believe the backup will stop, as oppose to running and sending you a duplicate backup every week. I have a backup set on my own test account and it does come through regularly. There’s a good chance your mail server is blocking or quarantining the email.

Have you tried running an on-demand backup. You can go into the backup settings page and request an instant backup be emailed to you.

Thanks for help guys. I’ve sorted the problem - my email automatically deletes ZIP files.
So now I send it to an unfiltered gmail account and it works perfectly.