Backup your Quick File account to Dropbox

We’ve just rolled out a new feature that some users may be interested in. You can now backup your Quick File account directly to Dropbox. Previously routine backups were delivered as an email attachment. You may already have your Dropbox account linked to Quick File if you’ve been importing receipts into the Receipt Hub. If you haven’t linked the account yet don’t worry, you can do so from the account settings area.

Now in the backup schedule settings (also accessible from account settings). You will be able to choose your preferred delivery method.

All Dropbox backups will appear in MyDropbox/Apps/Quick File Receipts/backups..

On-demand backups

Also note in the above screenshot you can now run an on-demand backup. You will be able to run 3 on-demand backups each day. Once you have requested the backup it will typically take 1-5 minutes (depending on account size) for the backup to appear on your email or in your Dropbox account…

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That’s great… not sure I’m seeing it yet though? Acc: 6131408961


I see the option in your account settings:

The text underneath however does need updating to show Dropbox as well.

Ah, got it! I was just checking the DropBox integration page… can’t help being dim sometimes :wink:

Thanks again, PB

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