Backups not being sent on schedule

I have 2 accounts, and on both I’m seeing the same issue. If I manually click “Run now” on the backup screen, I get a backup in my email. But setting the schedule to monthly on the 1st of the month doesn’t generate a backup in my email. I’ve checked spam / etc, and the backup arrives if I manually click it.

I had the settings above in place early March, had a note to follow up and check today, no backup was sent on the 1st…

Hi @chmac

How often do you log into your account? I believe if there’s a period of inactivity then the backup if delayed, but I’ll double check this with my colleague.

Not sure, but our book keeper is probably in there once a week. I log in maybe once or twice a month.

I think this may be the issue here.

However, we do have plans to overhaul the backup system. The current setup has caused some technical challenges and these will be addressed. In the meantime, on-demand backups for any account can be generated which is something some systems don’t offer.

You can generate these from the back up screen itself.

We’ll be sure to post any updates to the backup system on our forums.

How do we figure out if that is the issue or not?

I have an affinity account but our bookkeeper has a regular user accounts on both of our companies. She logs in at least once a week on each account.

Who has to login how often in order for the backups to work?

I’ll check this with a colleague and come back to you shortly.

@chmac - It does appear this was set to the main administrator at the moment. However, as I mentioned above we are looking to make changes in this area, so this may be one of them. We will of course post any updates to the forums.

@QFMathew So how often does the admin need to login in order for the backup to happen?

Also, FYI, as you edited your post I only got an email notification with the original text, not an updated notification, so didn’t see your comment until my reminder to follow up kicked in.

At the moment, it’s 2 days before the backup is normally generated. However this will be reviewed as part of the overhaul of the back up system I mentioned above.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll feed this back as I believe you should be notified. Apologies for that!