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Balance sheet does not agree with outstanding supplier invoices

Balance Sheet Creditors £45
Outstanding Suppliers £55 (amount shown as expected for an outstanding bill)

How can I easily locate the difference/why is this showing? Can’t easily find issue/recently happend.

Hi @1andy_mc

A possible cause would be prepayments which would be reducing the balance on the balance sheet.

If you go to Reports >> All Reports >> Debtors/Creditors Report, you can find a breakdown of the figures there. Exporting the data as a CSV may also reveal additional details.

Not prepayment, no journals entered.

Will try looking at report

No the creditor report has the same amount of 55

Balance sheet £45

How can I find the issue?

Creditor report is £55 as expected

Balance sheet is £45

How do I rectify this?

Found the issue!! Rouge payment of £100, deleted the purchase but not the payment, still allocated in Credit ledger, deleted unallocated payment all sorted!

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Glad you managed to resolve this @1andy_mc :slight_smile:

If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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