Bank account colours

Hi Glenn, me again!
I was wondering if we could change the colours under bank accounts.
At the moment tagged/not-tagged items appear either green/red and the amounts in columns also appear also in green/red

If you look at the screenshot, to me the figures in the money-out column appear to be not-tagged simply because it feels they are red in colour so its therefore not tagged!

what do you think?

and usually the money-in column is on the left and money-out on the right.

Even as an accountant, i am finding it difficult to adjust.

It will be great, if something can be done about the colours though.

Many Thanks

Really? Not on Barclays or HSBC statements.

sorry, i am not comparing them to any bank statement.

usually, debits are on the left and credits on the right (you have this system when creating journals)

Debits are assets (assets have debit balances), which is money coming in. Most of the accounting systems are based on Debits on right and credits on left. Bank statements always reflect in opposite way.

its not a big deal though.

Have you given thought to colours?


Most of our users aren’t accountants so given we’re displaying a view of the bank it’s better to correlate this with the bank statement. I’m afraid I don’t see a necessity to change the colours, the button is big enough to make it obvious what’s tagged and what’s remaining.