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I was just wondering , I have set up my bank feed. So I make a purchase with my Company Bank card it will get sync on to Quickfile , do I then just tag it to the relevant nom code?

I am all new to this side of the business world and I know its going to be a lot of trail and error for me =[

The simplest way I find to get it all to reconcile is to scan the purchase receipt and upload it to your receipt hub, then tag the receipt in the hub to but don’t tick the “this item has been paid in full” option. This will create the purchase invoice record in QuickFile but won’t add a payment transaction to the bank account (so the purchase will show as unpaid).

Now when the bank feed runs the transaction will appear on the bank account view, and you can tag it as “payment to a supplier”, it should match up the amounts and offer to link to the purchase invoice you created in the receipt hub.

The alternative is to use the “this item has been paid in full” tick box, but if the date of the receipt and the date the transaction appears on your bank don’t match then you have to reconcile the two transactions by hand. I find it less faff just not to create the duplicate in the first place.

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