Bank account feeds

I have recently set up this account with Quickfile (I have 2 other accounts with Quickfile so I’m not new to the system) but there appears to be a problem with the bank account feed. I have checked that the account details used and the passcode and memorable word are all correct and working. My account is with Barclays and my other two Quickfile accounts are linked to the relevant Barclays account and work perfectly. Any suggestions?

Can you be more specific here? What exactly is happening? Does this problem occur when exporting the feed, what (if any) error message appears?

Nothing happens - no transactions are pulled through from the bank account - under the headers on the bank account page it simply says “no transactions found”. I set up the bank feed last week for this Quickfile account - The Buffet Catering Company Ltd. The bank feed on my other Quickfile accounts works perfectly with the same passcode and memorable word. Could you also tell me why - when I first log in - the home page defaults to the new client screen instead of My Dashboard?

I assumed you were talking about the bank feed plugin (i.e. pulling the feeds yourself). I will send you a PM to get the exact account details for the one you’re strugging with.

This means you are logging in using the login credentials for a client saved on your main account, rather than the main admin credentials. You may have a client on your account with the same email as your admin credentials… the password however should be different.

Now I’m really confused, because at the moment, I only have one customer on the system and they don’t have the same login details as mine.

If you reply to the private message I sent, we can discuss any account access issues there. I don’t want to post any account info on the public side of the forum.

Could you please tell me how to access and send private messages - never done this before.

Click the recipients username and then the blue private message button at the top right of the box that pops up.