Bank account missing transaction

on the bank feed i use its been working excellent howe ever today i have logged in to QF and notice a difference in my actual barclays balance and my qf balance by 14.40, yet the actual statements marry up perfectly in transactions and i have check back to 28/11/14.

i regularly compare the balances to ensure all transactions are pulled through and categorised

is there a way to see if any of the QF entrys on my bank account has been deleted in error?

Check your opening balance is correct. If it is you need to go back through the bank records and see when the total was last correct, i.e. matching on both Quickfile and your bank records. Ignore the statements/entries for now.

I don’t see anything unusual here, the transactions on your account when summed exactly equal the balance reflected. There’s also no recently deleted entries.

opening blance was Zero as i started using barclays while using quickfile.and never transfered any monies over etc.

its been running ok for 2 years and until last few days its suddenly got a 14.40 discrepency

Do you have any recent entries on Barclays for £14.40 that aren’t showing on QF?

no. my last entry on quickfile reflects my barclays account.

i can go back as far as 29/11/14 on barclays and the balance on quickfile is showing as different on that date so any entry that has gone wrong/missing is prior to this. (although i last checked my accounts on 10th jan and the married up exactly

only soloution i have got is to change opening balance to 14.40 credit but that defeats the object really.

is there a way i can see what deletions have been carried out only in the bank feed area?

Three invoice #QF01897, #QF01908 and #QF01916 totalling £14.40.

These were all updated on the 13th January but have dates back in 2014.

i can see them but they were credited from monies that had been pulled through on the barclays feed and not had payments created for them manually thus reducing balance on bank accounts , if you know what i mean. some times i just allocated monies to accounts then sort the invoices out nearer my vat dates hence why they may show as been updated recently.

just manually trawling through ststements and quickfile to see when the discrepency occured.

sent you a PM glenn regarding the 14.40

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