Bank account reset for current financial year

I’ve been using Quickfile for invoicing only for a few years and am trying to reconcile my bank accounts with a view to taking control of my bookkeeping.

I’ve had ‘some’ bank info imported over time as an experiment but I think I caused some duplicates and gremlins at the time - the balances are way off reality. Now I am trying to introduce banking feeds and I’m all over the place with my historic balances. they’ve partially overwritten historic data. I just want to start from scratch really.

I would like to start afresh from 1st October with open banking inputted balances from that date onwards (everything that went before is historically picked up elsewhere and I don’t need in Quickfile).

Question is - how on earth do I do this? I’m stumped and currently have imported bank feed data and some legacy manual banking. I’m all over the shop. I can’t delete accounts and I have phantom ‘untagged’ entries all over the place.


I think I have worked around this problem by hiding the historic accounts and using the feed on two new accounts set up.

Hi @MarkS,

I was going to suggest this as an option, the other alternatives would be to enter a journal to correct the bank account figure, or reconcile the bank account against a statement so that it is a true reflection

Thanks Beth - All seems to be working well now. Assume there is no way to delete the hidden accounts?

Hi @MarkS,

you would need to delete the transactions within them but this would not work if you have tagged any of the transactions to your invoices etc

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