Bank account tagging freezes on historic transactions

When I try to tag an older payment, Quickfile seems unable to find it during its initial search. I can sometimes get round it by changing the number of months and going backwards and forwards within the dialog, but it’s not ideal.

However, Quickfile completely refuses to tag a single payment for older multiple invoices from the same client, and freezes while searching for multiple invoices.

Can anyone help please? I’m running Safari or Firefox on a Mac.

Thanks for getting in touch. Are you able to provide any screenshots or more detailed information? We’ve not had any other reports regarding issues here? Are you selecting the option to pay down multiple invoices? How far back are the invoices?

Thanks for your quick reply Glenn.

The oldest invoice was October.

I received £180 as payment for two invoices to the same client, one for £45 and one for £135. I clicked ‘tag me’, then ‘payment from a customer’, then ‘pay down multiple invoices’ then entered the client name. Then it searches forever.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, makes things so much easier :smile:

I followed these steps although there aren’t any unpaid invoices for ‘Country Garage Sales Ltd’ only paid invoices. I can however see two paid invoices, one for £45 (Inv: #1673) and one for £135 (Inv: #1724), both are on the bank just below the £180 untagged entry.

That’s why those invoices aren’t showing up, as they’ve already been paid.

Sorry Glenn, I should have said, I paid the invoices manually when it wouldn’t work the other way. I’ll let you know next time it happens (end of month probably!) and hopefully you’ll be able see for yourself what I mean.

Sure, let me know if it happens again. I haven’t heard any other reports of this but I will keep an eye open.