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Bank accounts showing different totals

Hello, can someone explain why the bank account balances for my Euro and USD account as shown on the dash board is different to the balances shown in the actual bank and the balances in Quickfile. It is not just the exchange rate. For example my dashboard balance for Euros showes a value of £2610 GBP but the balance in Quickfile for that account is only 1762.11 Euros. (1762.11 is the correct amount)
Similar with my USD account - Dashboard - £438.00 but the Quickfile account is 268.84 USD which is not equal to £438 GBP. It should be £199.32

Hi @baldrick

Which dashboard figures are you referring to? Is it the ones at the top under Totals owed to you? These figures are from the chart of accounts so will match the balance on the nominal account.

You may find that the figures don’t match because of missing gains/loss journals

Thank you, that is what our accountant thought too!

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