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Bank accounts

are you restricted to a maximum number of bank accounts open in Quickfile our are they unlimited?

Hi @germck58,

There isn’t a limit as far as I am aware for bank accounts

Can I create some of my own category names in Quickfile that suit me or have I to use the ones provided in Quickfile? If I can create my own where do I look in Quickfile to do it

You can create your own custom nominal accounts, there is a guide to that here: Adding a new nominal account

How do I fix this problem?
I open a bank account in the wrong place it’s shown in equity accounts and it should have been in the general bank accounts and I tried in settings to change it from equity to banking account but it won’t let me do it. How do I delete it from equity? as I can’t see anywhere to delete the account. Thanks for your help.Gerry

Hi @germck58

Have you added any transactions into the account? If there are transactions in there, it’s likely this is what’s preventing it from being moved or deleted.

How do I delete the account in Equity that I don’t want but?

Hi @germck58

As long as there are no transactions on the account, when you are in the list of bank accounts, you should be able to go to Options > Delete


I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

There are no transactions in the account I set it up in the wrong place and when to delete it but when you click options to the right of the account you don’t have the option to delete it. so where to you delete in from?

Hi germck58,
If it is the Proprietor Drawings Account or similar, which quickfile created, you can not delete those accounts but you can hide the account. Is it an equity account you created and there is no entry then you can delete it by clicking the option button (as QFSian descripted above).
To hide an account, click also the option button and then hide account.
Hope this helps

Thank you for your help. When you hide an account what do you do to get it back again

unhide it.

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I hold stocks and shares ISA Accounts, Where would you add them in Quickfile would it be in Bank accounts or equity accounts. Thank you for your help on this

You wouldn’t, surely, given that by definition these are “individual” accounts belonging to you personally rather than being related to the business.

Its capital that will be going in to my business later

Then you include it later when you’ve drawn your funds out the isa.