Bank Balance in Quickfile not the same as Bank Statement

I have identified that I have 2 bank transactions on Quick file allocated to invoice numbers and when I look at the invoices it is showing a question mark and a note of “paid as part payment” and these 2 invoices make up the difference between the Quick file bank balance and the bank statement. I guess I have to delete the 2 transactions but I am not sure whether to delete the bank transaction or on the invoice. Can you help. I can give you the invoice numbers if you want to have a look. Its our year end and I want it to balance. These transactions were back in April and May 2014. Many thanks.

If the bank transactions aren’t on your actual bank statement then delete the bank transactions, if they are attached to paid or part paid invoices these will be reverted to unpaid.

Your bank statement in QF should match what’s on your real statement.

Hi Glenn

I have deleted the 2 transactions as they do not appear on the statement. however there are 2 transactions (money in) and only part of it has been allocated to an invoice. These 2 monies in with unallocated amounts is equal to the amount that was the difference in the bank statement. As well I now have 2 invoices that show unpaid amounting to the amount difference. How do I tag (allocate the 2 amounts) to make it right?
so of the £238.44 paid to an invoice only £167.64 has been allocated (-£70.80 unallocated and of the £379.49 paid to an invoice only £103.01 has been allocated (-276.48 unallocated) Total these 2 = £347.28 was the difference in the bank statements. Hope all this makes sense to you as its not making any sense to me at the moment. Thanks for your help.

Please can I have an answer to my question above? Many thanks

My advice would be to make sure your bank statement is correct first and foremost, if it is not correct (i.e. matching your paper statement perfectly) then this needs to be fixed first. I would suggest using the bank reconciliation tool to identify the exact date where the balance goes out. Once you have corrected your bank you then only need to tag the items to the correct invoices.


BTW we don’t generally comment on accounting related issues here. Looking at individual cases is very time consuming and not something we can offer given that the software is free.

Hi Glenn

Thanks for your reply. The bank balance on QF balances with the bank statement now that I have deleted those transactions. I have identified that the amount banked covered 2 invoices and this happened twice. So my question is about splitting the payments to different customers. If I delete the payment in the bank statement and then manually create 2 amounts, can I then tag it to the 2 invoices it relates to? Not sure is this constitutes as an accounting issue just understanding how I use the system. Many thanks.

It’s perfectly normal for banks to lump things like cheques into one payment.

Take a look here:

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Thank you. All done now.


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