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Bank balance/tagging confusion

Hi I have linked my QuickFile to my new HSBC account. I have first Payment in there, and it’s linked by it says my balance is double what the first payment was, and it also says 2 items tagged when only one invoice / transaction is listed, any ideas how to rectify this?


Hi @alkingtoncons.com,

Did you set an opening balance for the account? Could this starting balance be causing the discrepancy?

Hi alkingtoncons.com,
From where did the money come from? From Paypal or Stripe or so? If so, both feeds download this transactions and it creates duplicates. In your paypal and/or stripe account you can disable this behaviour. Go to your stripe/paypal account and click on option and then feed settings. There you can find a tickbox ‘ignore payouts / ignore transfers from/to bank account’

Hope this helps