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Bank Balance wrong after delete transactions and setting opening balance

Hello, my bank account is now completely wrong. I wanted to delete old untagged transactions before the start of the financial year on 01/05/2020 and set an opening balance. I removed the transaction. Setting an opening balance failed because it said there were transactions before that date, which wasn’t true because I’d just deleted them. I managed to set an opening balance but I had to set it far in the past. Now the bank account shows around 50K more money in it than is actually true. I tried the reconciliation process but nothing actually happened to correct anything even though ‘updating’ showed for a few seconds. Please could someone tell me what is wrong and how to fix it…

Here’s a bit of a bug then: even though my bank account was set to show both tagged and untagged transactions, only the tagged ones shoed up, even when looking at the available pages. So, it was the untagged transactions causing both a problem with the figures and a problem with not being able to set the right opening balance date. When I de-selected the tagged transactions I could suddenly see the untagged ones. Once, I deleted those the current balance became the correct value. So, a bug related to paging / selections / bulk deletions…

In the top right corner of your bank account in quickfile, are there both boxes ticked (for tagged and untagged transactions)?
If both are ticked, both types should been shown

Hello rhc, I actually said that I’d already used those tagged and untagged tick boxes. The problem was that the untagged transactions weren’t showing even though they were still present and should, according to the state of the tick boxes, have been visible. I’d actually deleted them earlier; although I guess that didn’t work.

Did you maybe set a filter (used the search option) before deleting transactions/setting an opening balance or so? That would be only thing I could think off why untagged transactions were not visible. It is perfectly working on my accounts

No, definitely didn’t do that. I didn’t use search or touch the tickboxes. What I did was, I went back to the oldest page of transactions and went forward in time (by page) deleting all of the old untagged transactions until I had deleted all the transactions in the prior financial year. Then I tried to set the opening balance.

I have noticed a bug where by if you de select tagged or untagged and there’s more than 1 page when you click on page two the rest of the page selections disappear. I then have to re tick then un tick again for them to come back.

Its possible this happend to you and some were hidden.

Yes, sounds like it could have been that one!

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