Bank Charges and GoCardless Direct Debits

I have two quick questions which hopefully someone can answer for me.

When my direct debits are being pulled from GoCardless and posting themselves into GoCardless account within QuickFile they don’t allow for the fee’s. At the moment I’m manually entering new purchases with small fee’s of around .10p to .30p for each transaction as and when it comes in. This is ok for now but might become a problem for me in the future. Is there an easier way, or is it just something I have to deal with?

My second question, albeit related. I’ve recently requested a Direct Debit from a customer; somehow it hasnt linked back to QuickFile though, its only appearing on GoCardless. Is there anyway to assign this back into QuickFile?

Thanks in advance.


You don’t need to do this on a per transaction basis, you could actually just take a balance of the account at the end of the month and post the charges as one lump purchase. This should effectively NET the balance back to zero… you can be pretty sure that any remaining balance on the account relates to GoCardless charges, so it’s safe to do this.

What is the customer name, I’ll need to take a look at your account to decipher what’s happened here.

Can I add to this question?

Looking at the Paypal integration, the charges are automatically pulled in and create a purchase invoice. However charges from GoCardless seem to be ignored, and have to be input manually. Is this not something that could be done for GoCardless in the same way as Paypal, or is the API not supplying sufficient information - in which case could we/you make representations to GoCardless?

Thanks Glenn, the customer is AK Bryan

@Healthpay the GoCardless API doesn’t supply this information, at least it didn’t when we initially developed the integration with them. I will however ping them to see if this has been added more recently.

@KrisHaynes I have checked this client but I can only see a request to setup a Direct Debit authorisation. This authorisation hasn’t yet been accepted by your client.

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