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Bank Feed content problem

Hello, guys! Just connected bank feed but it only shows 1 page as its max 50 transaction on it, no other pages exist even it should be way more. Any ideas why? Thanks!

Is it because transactions are more than 2 years ago? For some reason that I have yet to fathom Quickfile have hidden anything older than 2 years by default, you have to use the search function to find older transactions.

Thats not the reason. Transactions are only from 2021 of this summer and not showing all of them. Just 10 days back and that it.

Bank feed only uploads transaction from the last 28 days or so. If you need to get older transactions you have to upload a statement manually, which you can download from your bank. I am not sure but the support team is maybe able to look also for older transactions.

Thanks for trying to help, but what I am saying is that transactions show up only 10 days back, not 28, but 10 days. Hopefully its clear now.

The feed can do 30 days from the set up date once you enable it. Take a look at the end of step 2 here Managing Open Banking Feeds

Just checked on my account and if I go to refresh bank feed I’m asked for a refresh from date. It says it can be a maximum of 21 days. So you should be able to do it. What bank are you not seeing this on

No ideas where you found refresh option and it stil shows me only from around Aug 18 till Aug 28, and none for later transactions before Aug 18.

Click on banking icon, top of page, then go to your bank which is connected, and click on the active feed.

You’ll see an option to refresh, going back a maximum of 21 days, but this may not be all banks. This could also duplicate transactions.

Ideally, you would upload a csv file statement from when you want transactions to start from, up the the date you start the bank feed.

If you can’t pull in more then the past 10 days, your bank may not allow more then that, but most will allow you to download up to 7 years of past transaction in a csv file.

What bank do you use? Some of the banks don’t have a refresh button.

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