Bank feed error message when trying to re-consent with Barclays

I am with a client at the minute and we are trying to enable the bank feed.
An error message has appeared, stating to try again later or contact quick file customer support.
The account ref is: 6131******

Please can someone advise asap

Thank you in advance

Hi @lisaefc

Can you share the exact error message with us please? Is it a Yodlee or an Open Banking feed? What bank is it for?


I’ve had quick look at the account you mentioned. I can see that there’s an expired Open Banking authorisation. Under Open Banking these are only valid for 90 days and will need to be renewed.

If you go to Banking >> Open Banking Feeds, you can renew it there.

The message said “Try again later or contact quickfile support”
It is on a open banking feed.
The feed stopped working on 26th April 2019 so we need to get the feed back and working from this date.


Hi @lisaefc

I’ve edited my reply above with the issue. This should resolve it, but any problems, please let me know.

I am aware that there is an expired feed. The problem is when trying to renew the feed, it then comes up with the error message.
Please advise

Can you please upload a screenshot of the error you are seeing (masking/removing any sensitive data)?

Are you trying to authorise using mobile or internet banking?

I cannot give you an image of the error as it was on another computer and has now been closed.

I have tried to get it authorised through mobile and card pin sentry, online banking.

Hi @lisaefc,

When you try again next time would you be able to take a screenshot of the error so that we can see where/when something is going wrong?

Please see below the screenshot after trying again.

Hi @lisaefc

I’m unsure if you were in the other topic relating to this, but this issue was resolved over the weekend.

Please can you give it another go and let us know if that’s working all OK for you?

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