Bank Feed for NatWest

I have noticed that there used to be the option to integrate a bank feed for a NatWest account WITHIN Quick File but has that now been replaced with the google Chrome plug in? because it was really nice being able to download the feeds from within Quick File itself.

By the way I just wanted to say that Quick File is brilliant and I cannot thank the developers of the software enough for creating such an easy to use interface and all for free, I was so worried about my accounts until I came across Quick File, Truely Thank you all so much.

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Thank you for your words of support! I’m really pleased to hear that Quick File is working for you.

We did have an automated Natwest feed for a period. Unfortunately this was withdrawn a couple of weeks ago at the request of Natwest. We will commit to reintroducing a Natwest feed as soon as they are able to provide an open and secure framework for obtaining this information. Unfortunately it would seem Natwest have very little interest in doing this so I can’t promise it will happen anytime soon.

Thank you very much for your quick reply, Yes I did wonder why it suddenly changed, could you tell me the bank(s) that are most cooperative with Quick File?, ones that allow the bank feed and would be the most least likely to withdraw themselves from Quick File as I currently have no deep loyalties with my NatWest account, Thanks again.

That unfortunately would be a very short list indeed. Virtually none of the major UK banks have a system for obtaining feeds and thanks to a lack of competition in the UK banking sector, innovation tends to happen at glacial speeds. The only bank I can currently recommend if you’re looking to obtain a feed through Quick File is Barclays. We use Barclays internally and the feed works pretty well!

Yes I can understand why they will only initiate such a service once the demand and/or competition pushes them to it, But that sounds fine as I would be happy to open a Barclays Business account, thank you for your help once more it is much appreciated.

With the growth of online accounting that demand is certainly growing fast. Banks won’t budge unless they start hemorrhaging customers, that’s not quite happening yet but we are now seeing more and more users switching to feed friendly banks.

Yes thats precisely the point I think its best to show the banks that we will move accounts dependant on the progression of demand, I love the fact that PayPal allows you to import all your transactions straight into Quick File and I look forward to doing the same with a Barclay account, thank you so much again for your time on the matter you’ve answered my question perfectly, if only all company where so brilliant.

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